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Our Vision Statement

We live in communities desperately in need of communication and spiritual renewal.  Some programs and ministries that we currently offer address these needs.  We recognize that we must continually work to remove barriers blocking us from effectively relating to our community.

If we are to touch the hearts of the people around us, we need to better present ourselves as a worshiping church that loves and cares for our neighbors and the greater community.

Our children are the future of our community (and our church).  Both our members and the community long for programs that will assist them in their spiritual growth.

We must consider new and improved methods of providing spiritual depth through prayer, proclamation, and outreach.  We must work to ensure that how we worship both pleases God and meets the spiritual needs of those who fellowship with us.

We envision a day when persons from throughout our diverse communities find a place to receive comfort, healing, encouragement, and instruction as they worship God with us.

We share a common concern for the salvation and overall well-being of our community.

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